The Oxxean Marina in Puerto Montt is in the Los Lagos Region in Chile and is the starting point for sailing to Chilean Patagonia and the main Chiloé Island.

Puerto Montt is in the Reloncaví inlet. It is a beautiful natural place with a huge bay where port operations are undertaken. The area is also renowned for the sale of shellfish, and the handicrafts of Angelmó.

We recommend you visit Puerto Varas that is 17 kilometers away from Puerto Montt. The city of Puerto Varas is now one of the main tourist attractions in Chile. It owes its charm and beauty to being on the edge of the Llanquihue Lake with a view of the awe-inspiring Osorno volcano. It is also called the city of roses, and has some interesting architecture and very good accommodation with various options for visitors including hotels, cabins, camping and lodging. Puerto Varas also has a state-of-the-art casino.