22 marzo, 2018

Mega Yacht Season Summary

Successful is how Oxxean Marina described the Super Yacht season 2017-2018, in which the Marina was the logistics port for 6 Super yachts, just in the months of November to April.

Mayor Gervoy and other authorities participated in the season opening, establishing the vision of a common objective, the goal of boosting tourism in Patagonia, where Puerto Montt, and in particular, Oxxean Marina, play a fundamental role as the gateway to Chilean Patagonia, providing logistical accessibility for undertaking this route.
The structural capacity of the Marina allows it to moor up to two super yachts at once, and offer, in the same place, potable water and fuel supply.

“We are excited to see, after years of efforts, where we have learned from our mistakes, relied on our strengths, and tried to imitate other much more developed countries in terms of sustainable tourism and super yachts, how season after season we have achieved growth in Patagonian tourism for this niche. Each season requires significant preparation, as much for our crew as at the structural level, and we have been up to the challenge. We put a lot of effort and care into what we do, that’s why this is an achievement that we celebrate together as a working team,” said Tatiana Prambs, Manager of Oxxean Marina.

Among the super yachts that visited us this season was the SY Savannah, 84 meters in length and with a capacity for 24 crew members and 12 passengers, assessed at more than US $100,000,000; as well as the Sury, which returned to Oxxean Marina after 4 years and isn’t ruling out a return for future seasons.